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The Glass Menagerie

18 Mart 2023, 20:00
Atlas 1948 Sahnesi

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« I am not like a traditional stage magician who deceives you with illusions that appear to be real. Instead, I offer you the truth, disguised in a pleasing illusion». 
«The Glass Menagerie» is a memory play by Tennessee Williams that takes place during the Great Depression in America and tells the story of a poor family struggling to make ends meet. The play explores the fragility of the inner worlds of its characters, particularly within the family dynamic. The Glass Menagerie will have its premiere at Atlas 1948 Stage, on March 18th, Saturday 20:00, and it will be staged for the first time in English in Türkiye. 
In the play, Mother Amanda yearns for the comforts and admiration she remembers from her days as a fêted debutante. She worries especially about the future of her daughter Laura and a tremulous insecurity about the outside world. Son Tom works in a shoe warehouse, doing his best to support the family. He chafes under the banality and boredom of everyday life and struggles to write while spending much of his spare time going to the movies all night. However one day a stranger comes and their lives change. 
We are putting a modern spin on the classic story, focusing on themes of self-identity and self-worth, particularly within the family dynamics. The play will be tackling questions such as: How do we maintain our individuality while still being a part of a family? How do we find self-esteem and love for ourselves without pushing others away? How do we navigate the complex world around us and find our own path, without being swayed by the expectations of others? 
Our aim is to raise the most crucial topics of the contemporary world using modern artistic language. The team is composed of international professionals who bring a diverse range of perspectives and experiences to the production. Using technical elements, body language, and visual art, we aim to create a fairy tale-like world for the audience to explore through striking imagery, symbolic details, and ethnic music.  
The play's language and the diverse backgrounds of our team members will enhance the heartfelt conversation within the family to a more global level, allowing us to reflect on important contemporary issues.  
Jim: Sergei Modin 
Laura: Sofia Kryuk 
Tom: Alican Öztürk 
Amanda: Derman Susam 
Director: Alican Öztürk 
Producer: Sahne+, Taha Ercoşkun 
Assistant Director: Tunç Önyay 
Artistic team: 
Production Design: Anna Gavrilina, Umanets Marianna 
Costume Design: Tunç Önyay 
Choreographer: Eva Eda Haskırış 
Digital and Technical Design: Nargiz Mammadli 
CG Design: Umanets German  
Poster design: Maria Breus  
Photographer: Dmitrii Berben 

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Atlas 1948 Sahnesi
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